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Naruto Ball Z Shippuden - Heroes Come Back
Congrats to Koopiskeva and PeroPero503!
mexicanjunior @ 01:59PM  05/08/2012

For tying the knot this past weekend! Wish nothing but the best for you both! ;D
Naruto Ball Z Shippuden - Heroes Come Back
Castor Troy @ 06:27AM  04/09/2012

Hey everyone! The sequel to my popular Naruto Ball Z video is now up! Sadly, this will be my final video and I'd like to thank all the fans for the awesome 13 years of editing. I hope you all enjoy what I consider to be my best work!
Naruto Ball Z Shippuden announced!
Castor Troy @ 06:14PM  04/15/2011

RDS and 3GKai are teaming up to bring you the sequel to the 2005 hit crossover video! In 2012, Heroes Come Back!

For more information, head on over to the official Naruto Ball Z page here:

Remember to watch the original over on my profile page! :)
Nessephanie @ 12:55AM  03/21/2011

This is Nessie, back again to let everyone know about my newest video, Sunflower! Using Tangled and Glee it's a typical nessielovefest :3 Just as a warning, it does contain major spoilers for the movie though.

See my member page for the link and enjoy! <3.
Indigo and Khameleon808's Videos
Castor Troy @ 04:55AM  11/25/2010

Hey everyone, I know updates have been slow, but we're getting prepared for the awesomeness of next year!

First off, definitely check out Indigo, an awesome comic done by our good friend Ashely Riot, who also helped design the VG5 ending art :)

Also, fellow RDS editor Khameleon808's still making videos, but hasn't put them on the site yet, but check out his stuff on his youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Khameleon808

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving holiday!