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RDS TV/Radio

Come join us for our internet radio show(Dates and times to be announced). We will have part talk part music show with an AMV twist. There are sure to be plenty of laughs and mockery.  Also, feel free to join in by interacting with other listeners via the AMV IRC chatroom (irc://us.synirc/net) which will be running concurrently with the broadcast. As an added bonus to this radio show, we have setup a complex (ghetto, janked, etc) system which allows us to take callers through Skype and be able to talk to them live on air.  If you want to be part of the show in that way, contact me through AIM (CTC Koopiskation during the show and I'll see if I can get you in somehow.  :P  For more information about the show or to suggest amvs/songs/topics, please visit the RDS Radio section in our forums.

To listen in, all you'll need is winamp, and you can get it here:

Winamp Home Site

After that, just open the following URL into the program, and listen away.

RDS Radio

Previous radio sessions can be downloaded here:

RDS Radio 2005-02-02
RDS Radio 2005-02-09
RDS Radio 2005-02-18
RDS Radio 2005-02-23
RDS Radio 2005-03-04
RDS Radio 2005-03-09
RDS Radio 2005-03-18
RDS Radio 2005-04-01
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RDS Radio 2005-04-22
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AMV Radio 2005-06-03
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AMV Radio 2005-08-31
RDS Radio 2006-01-25
RDS Radio 2006-02-01
RDS Radio 2006-02-08
RDS Radio 2006-02-15
RDS Radio 2006-02-22
RDS Radio 2006-03-01
RDS Radio 2006-03-08
RDS Radio 2006-03-30
RDS Radio 2006-04-12
RDS Radio 2006-04-19

Previous (short-lived) RDS TV sessions can be downloaded here:
RDS TV 2006-05-17