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AuN Studios

This studio was created by Bakadeshi and has since grown to include a few members.  Check out Bakadeshi's video:  Shattered Dreams - Hinamori Momo's story

Aquiline Studios

Home of Scintilla and Cyanna.  Very helpful AMVers with some really kickass videos.  Try out:  Waka Laka (for Osaka)

The Final Act

Home of Jbone.  He's been in the AMV community for quite some time and has released some awesome videos.  Check out his video:  Urban Ragnarok

The Firefly Chronicles

Home of Ms. Mewnie, owner of one of the sexicutiest voices in the AMV community.  Oh yeah, she makes good videos too.

HypeOdermic Studios

Home of the Super Milo Brothers, Willem (Wonka) and Julian (Beowulf), they are some of the best AMV creators in the business and 2 very good friends. Also, their forum is one of the most popular in the AMV community and where many of us RDS members hang out. My favorite vid from them: Natural Born Killers

Mindwarp Entertainment

Home of Carlos and Octavio Corral, 2 of the coolest dudes in AMV making and my personal buddies. Carlos (Machine) has made some top notch work over the years and won several awards. Also, be sure to check out his documentaries and short films. My favorite vid from them: Faces of Death (Uncut)


Home of the Fluxmaster himself, Tim Stair, this site is chock full of AMV goodness. Fluxy has been in the AMV game for several years now and continously put out top quality stuff which has won him several awards, including the coveted AWA Masters jacket. If you are looking for hard rocking action vids, strong drama, or just Dilandau lip synching Korn, this is the place for you. My favorite vid from him: Grand Theft Bebop 2: Vice City

Pwolf AMV

Home of Scott Grasso, who has been doing AMVs for as long as I can remember. Pwolf has always put out some great stuff, from action to romance, to horror; you name it. Pwolf has been a part of DDR4 and other major community projects such as RVG. Scott is a personal friend of mine and everything he puts out impresses me in one way or another. My favorite vid from him: As the World Crashes Down.

Visual Experience Studio

Home of some of the best* Italian editors around.**  
I hear they also have good pasta.  
Note:  Parts of the site are in Italian.  
*By best, I mean the only ones we know of.  
**Not for consumption.

Video Game AMV Projects

Home of the AMV project based on using video games as source footage, this website contains projects from previous years as well as information on upcoming ones.  Be sure to check it out!

Walkre Studios

Home to a group of geographically dispersed editors and the biggest pair of  bewbs on the .org  (maybe).  If you are looking for people like Autraya, Eva-Fan, Fizziks, MaximoffZero, ScorpionP or Sweetdeily, you'll find them lurking here  (perhaps).  Check out this new-ish crew!  


In a distant future, mankind hangs by a thread in a vast wasteland overrun by demons. Their only hope lies with the few who posses the power to fight these creatures, Exorcists. Among these few is the best. A legendary vagabond, a woman of immense power and grace. She is known only by the name Indigo. A comic by Ashley Riot.